Recalled Tattoo Ink Could Be Sold in Wichita Falls

Recalled Tattoo Ink Could Be Sold in Wichita Falls

Confirmed bacteria in tattoo ink has the FDA warning those looking to get "inked" to check the bottle first. The bacteria could cause infections years after someone gets a tattoo.

'White and Blue Lion,' ink and needles have been recalled for being contaminated with bacteria that's already caused one infection.

A local tattoo artist believes this kind of ink is being sold right here in Wichita Falls.

"Oh yeah, you can buy ink and needles and all that right on Kemp down at the smoke shop," said Gerald Von Langley, Owner of Design Master Tattoo Studio.

Langley believes they're selling it to anyone that comes in, including minors. He understands they do not need a license to do this.

I reached out to the smoke shop to ask about the ink they sell and they declined an interview. They did mention the ink they sell is safe and from a wholesale dealer.

Langley said the problem with buying this kind of ink is that you never know where it comes from.

"You don't know where it comes from," said Langley. "You don't know if it's been resealed or if it's sterile. You need to buy it from a reputable tattoo company so you know what you're putting in your customer's skin."

Langley said he buys his ink from a licensed dealer who only sells to licensed tattoo artists.

'White and Blue Lion' can be identified by a dragon logo on the packaging and it does not have a name or address of the manufacturer. The inks were sold in multiple forms and the FDA urges consumers to stay clear of these types of products.