Same Drought, Same Restrictions

Revisions made to the Iowa Park, Drought Contingency Plan will not affect its residents.

On Monday, Iowa Park city officials said they plan to enact similar drought restrictions to the restrictions of Wichita Falls.  Iowa Park is a water customer of Wichita Falls.

Kathleen Beavers, an Iowa Park resident, thinks enacting similar drought restrictions to those of Wichita Falls is a great idea.

"I feel like we absolutely have to.  We're buying water from Wichita Falls and we have to conserve as much as they do," said Beavers.

Michael Price, the Iowa Park city manager and other Iowa Park city officials agree that they want to incorporate what they know works.

"It makes it easier to understand for everyone when our citizens see on television that Wichita Falls is implementing certain drought restrictions or water usage restrictions.  Iowa Park is going to be fairly close to that," said Price.

A revision to the Iowa Park Drought Contingency Plan will not mean anything to Iowa Park residents like Beavers.

"We've got a plan that will be submitted to the state and then basically re-approved by them.  We're not adding any restrictions to it.  We're not adding any charges that we have in place now.  Everything is staying the same," said Price.

"It's a great idea.  I just pray that God delivers more water to us," said Beavers.

Price hopes the state will approve the revisions to the city's Drought Contingency Plan within a month.

The state of Texas requires city councils to review and update their drought contingency plan at least once every five years.

The last time the Iowa Park Drought Contingency Plan was approved was in 2008. Back then, the city of Iowa Park, nor any other Texoma town was experiencing a drought.

, Newschannel 6