A Four Year Foreclosure Has Neighbors Speaking Out

A Four Year Foreclosure Has Neighbors Speaking Out

Grass and weeds that are three feet tall and a toppled tree leaning up against a foreclosed house has concerned neighbors reaching out to Newschannel 6 in an effort to fix a four year long problem.

We spoke with city officials to find out why 4710 Tammy Dr. has not been taken care of after its foreclosure four years ago.

Rita Miller, Code Enforcement and Housing Administrator, said typically a home that violates property guidelines will be given a letter with a day to comply.


So we send one letter each year per violation and in this case there were two different violations so there were two different citations that were issued," said Miller.

4710 Tammy Drive foreclosed four years ago and has been vacant ever since.

Miller says sometimes with a foreclosed house it takes a while before that property is processed and transferred over.

Lindsay Fletcher, the concerned neighbor, sent us a letter describing the condition of the foreclosed property.

"I am just about at my wits end dealing with this situation and was wondering if maybe you could help," said Fletcher. "The house next to mine has been foreclosed. The yard is completely grown over, and even better, during one of the fiercer storms in June a tree fell on the house. It has now been many weeks since that happened and even though I have contacted the city twice about it, nothing has been done. The tree is dead and I am concerned that with the tall grass, we are living next to a fire hazard. The branches have been making their way into our front yard.  Again, I don't know if there is anything else to be done but I figured the news station would know."

Miller believes the reason this case is taking so long is because of the tree that has fallen on top of the house.

"Because it's a very large tree on the property and it's not something we typically handle by the contractors who we use to clean. So it's a larger project than what we would normally see," said Miller.

After reaching out to the property owner, who refused to be on camera, he informed Newschannel 6 that he stopped worrying about the property after it was foreclosed. He said he will be meeting with a judge this Friday to hopefully put an end to this four year debacle.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6