Busted Buses

Six Wichita Falls I.S.D. buses are damaged thanks to early morning vandalism.

The criminals used golf clubs, bricks and rocks to break and smash the windows and windshields of the school buses.

“A lot of glass broken out, a lot of windows, side windows, mirrors things like that,” said general manager for Durham School Services, Brian Gibson.

Bus drivers were expected to go back to work tomorrow to do a dry run of their school routes, but now they'll have to wait until next week.

“We're estimating somewhere between five thousand and ten thousand dollars some of the glass is special order glass so it is a little harder to get," said Gibson.

The damages to the six school buses don't just affect Durham School Services, but the W.F.I.S.D students as well.

“The people who did this are possibly affecting students trying to get to school to learn.  So we just want everybody to know that we will prosecute and we will hunt people down that are responsible for this," said Gibson.

Durham School Services will be offering a $500 reward to anyone who will help lead to the arrests of the people responsible for these damages.

The criminals left behind a golf club in the Durham bus garage parking lot, which has been taken in as evidence and a brick.

In addition to the six buses a few W.F.I.S.D. vans were also damaged.

The repairs to the six buses are expected to be complete by the time school starts, August 25th.

, Newschannel 6