Drought Fire Dangers

Drought Fire Dangers

Cynthia McBrooms front yard, like most others in Texoma, has been hit hard by the drought. Dead limbs hang from trees and as we walk over to her garden you can see the growth has gone stale. As small parts of her yard start to die off they come alive with the possibility of becoming a bigger fire danger.

"I have a fixed income and it's just hard for me to maintain the trees by myself. They have broken off you know big chunks of them so I have a friend that come and help me take me to the transfer station," said McBroom.

She said she would like to see the ends trimmed, but being on a budget, it's hard for McBroom to come have someone cut and clear all that has died off.

If a fire were to happen McBrooms house could go up in smoke. Wichita Falls Fire Department Battalion Chief Don Groves would like to help McBroom avoid all that.

"The fire department does have a program called "Firewise" to where the homeowners can actually call and get an appointment. We'll come out and actually give a home inspection, give some advice as to some things that they may do to better help them protect their property during a fire," said Groves.

McBroom said she would welcome anyone who wanted to come in and help.

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