Back to School Swing

Back to School Swing

With school just around the corner, getting back into the swing of things can be challenging for both parents and children. Local parent Stephanie Jones is doing her part.

"I've been trying to start making us go to bed on time," Jones said. "You get in this routine of the summer of staying up later and watching television, so we've been trying to get closer to our normal bedtime."

Karen Kent, a licensed professional counselor and family therapist in Wichita Falls, says that parents need to rearrange their schedule so that its more school friendly. Two things that she emphasizes are making sure that children are eating correctly and at the appropriate times that they would during the school year.

"Parents need to read to and with their children," Kent also said, "so that the children get back into the habit of doing something that's a little bit more academic."

Kent also says that parents should not underestimate how big of a deal going back to school is for children. Open communication between parents and children is key. Additionally, a parent's attitude towards school starting is nearly as important as the student's, as children will tend to go along with what the general energy flow is in the family.

"If they don't hear their parents griping about, 'oh schools starting up again and I have to put up with this and that,'" Kent said, "that's not going to be an atmosphere that's going to encourage them to want to go to school."

A last crucial step for parents is to meet and talk to your child's teacher.

"Set up a relationship with the teacher," Kent advises, "so the parent can assure the child that they have someone to go to who will be helpful to them and cooperate with them."

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6