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BBB Warns of A Toll Tag Scam

 The Better Business Bureau is warning E-Z Tag, Toll Tag and Pike Pass users of a new scam.

First, you receive an email that appears to be from one of these toll authorities. It has the corresponding logo, and says you owe money for driving on a toll road. It also provides a link to click for your invoice.

But the email isn't from them. If you click on the link, the crooks running this scam may put malware on your machine. And if you respond to the email with your personal information, they're likely to steal your identity

The BBB offers the following tips:

·         Never click on links in emails unless you're sure who sent you the message.

·         Don't respond to any emails that ask for personal or financial information. Email isn't a secure way to send that information.

·         Type an organization's URL yourself, and don't send personal or financial information unless the URL begins with https (the “s” stands for secure).  

·         If an email looks like it is from a toll authority, contact their customer service to confirm that it is really from them.

·         Keep your computer security software current.
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