Sonshine Opting Out

A Wichita Falls charitable organization is opting out from help from the local food bank when it comes to its food supply.

Newschannel 6 Jimmie Johnson reached out to the Sonshine House Tuesday to talk with leaders about the change and what it means for the people that depend on its services.

"Sonshine helps feed my kids and helps cloth my kids," said Zina Loneelk, a mother of four on disability.

Each Tuesday out of the month she and her husband visit the Sonshine House in Wichita Falls.

For the last 20 years the non-profit formed by the Churches of Christ has assited many Wichitans who are homeless or less fortunate.

"We're not designed to sustain. We're just designed to help someone get back on their feet and move on from there," said Steven Young, Director of Sonshine House.

The non-profit said a few weeks ago the non-profit received a visit from an inspector about the way its organization operates.

"The food bank inspector came in and inspected our procedures and noted he noted that we require social security numbers and we limit the number of times that someone can come," said Young.

In order for the non-profit to receive commodities from the local food bank it cannot ask those in need for their social security number or limit the number of times they visit (18).

A new rule the non-profits director said goes against its beliefs and hurts those that need them most.

"If we continue the way we are. We will not be able to provide the amount of food to a family that we have been providing," said Young.

On Tuesday, shelves were bare, the freezer barely stocked but the organization says it was still able to provide

a hundred and twenty families and more than three hundred people with food.

While time may be running out for Loneelk she said believes the Sonshine House is making a difference.

"A lot of people out there thousands, thousands and thousands depend on this place," said Loneelk.

The Sonshine House currently does not have an alternate source for commodities. In the meantime shelves its resources will be relatively low and those who depend on them will no longer receive commodities.

If you would like to help the organization, you can contact them at (940)781-1844 or contribute at any Churches of Christ.

, Newschannel 6