Good Samaritan Vs. Burkburnett

Good Samaritan Vs. Burkburnett

There's no specific reason why W.L. Bunton began purchasing up lots of property in Burkburnett. He has purchased more than 40 properties.

 Some of the lots he purchased from the sheriff’s auction and other from bids to the city council. He started buying lots in 2008. And since then he has worked to clean up the abandoned and overgrown lots. 

The fact is I have cleaned this up with the help of the people over here and they've put a road block in front of me every time, and they still are,” said Bunton. 

He said the city has harassed him because he hasn’t cleaned up the lots in a specific time frame. The city has issued him more than 50 written warnings. Meanwhile city officials said they’ve tried to work Bunton. 

“So it's really our goal to work with the individual to resolve those matters so that it’s beneficial to all parties,” said Mike Whaley, the City Manager of Burkburnett. 

Many of the lots purchased were in rough conditions. Conditions that normally should be cared for by the city, before reaching the point they were at. Officials said some areas may be neglected because of financial restrictions. Bunton said he’s worked hard to accomplish what he has.

 "You've got Don Hardy, a commissioner, came out and looked at everything he can’t figure out why the city is on to me when I’m cleaning up using my money, folks around here are using their time and labor,” said Bunton. 

He has demolished buildings, but at the age of 80, he says his old age has slowed the process. Residents around the area said they are thankful for all that he does. 

They said the area had been neglected for years before Bunton stepped up to help. City officials said they appreciate Bunton’s efforts, but the clean up still needs to be completed in a timely manner. 

Bunton has been summoned to court two times. Each time the trial was cancelled without giving him prior knowledge. His latest summons was for Tuesday, August 19, 2014. However, it was cancelled before it started. Bunton said he wants to take his case to a higher authority.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6