MSU Girls Cross Country Team to Run The Hotter'N Hell Hundred

MSU Girls Cross Country Team to Run The Hotter'N Hell Hundred

The MSU Girls Cross Country team will be setting a world record this Saturday. Instead of biking, they'll be running the entire course as a 100 mile relay race.

10 runners will be running 10 miles each during the dead of night. The race starts at 6 p.m. Monday evening at the Hotter'N Hell Hundred starting line and will continue until the beginning of the 100 mile bike race.

Head coach, Koby Styles said the girls have been clocking in about 60 miles each week and believes they're ready to tackle the challenge.

"So when it's packed full of bikers, we're going to have a huge crowd cheering us on  to the finish," said Styles. "Hopefully we'll be there at the start so we can watch everybody go by."

Styles helped set the world record in college when running this same event for the men's cross country team.

"After doing a little research I realized there wasn't a female record," said styles.

He said the girls are very excited to make history this weekend. Coach Styles wants to turn this into an annual event where competing teams can join the Mustangs in the future races.

"One of the reasons for this crazy adventure is to set a women's 10 x 10 mile, 100 mile world record," said Styles. "Another main reason is for a fundraiser. These great athletes run a lot of miles throughout the year and trying to keep these women in shoes is a challenge. We are looking for sponsors who would be interested in sponsoring a runner on the relay. We are asking for a $1 a mile ($100) for the minimum. The goal is $1000."

Styles said donors would receive a signed and framed photo of the team.

“As many of you know this sport is not one of the glory sports,” said Styles. “These young ladies are practicing every morning at 6 a.m., running 8-10 miles a day. They are the toughest athletes on campus in my opinion.”

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6