Riding the Hotter'N Hell Hundred For a Greater Cause

Riding the Hotter'N Hell Hundred For a Greater Cause

Riding the Hotter'N Hell is considered a badge of honor for those who participate in the festivities. And then, there are those who ride for the honor of those who can't ride.

We spoke with a few bikers and a radio station that are riding for more than just the Hotter'N Hell T-shirt.

The bikers I spoke with are ridi

ng for the memory of a loved father and brother, and also for the opportunity to spread a message that goes beyond the boundaries of the Hotter'N Hell Hundred race track.

I met with the stars at KMOC yesterday, a Christian broadcast radio station that has been putting on a per-mile pledge for the past five years to help the station and the message they stand behind.

“Of course the funding helps us broadcast the message of Christ but we also have the opportunity to minister to people out there whether it's helping somebody fix a flat or maybe give a word of encouragement,” said KMOC Talent, Keith Sanderson.

Keith and his wife, Liz Sanderson, are allowing the community to take part in their efforts.

“We have a team this year, a team of fifteen people,” said Liz Sanderson. “They are people who support the ministry of KMOC.”

Two of those bikers are Jeff and Ryan Sanders, an uncle and nephew duo taking part in this year's ride for a bigger purpose.

“I'm riding for the honor of my brother Scott, he passed away four months ago,” said Jeff Sanders.

Before his passing, Scott and his son Ryan used to ride the Hotter'N Hell hundred together.

“He enjoyed it and he wanted to ride this year, but he didn't get to,” said Jeff.

So Jeff and Ryan decided this will be the year they ride in honor of Scott.

Jeff said Scott was a great father, brother and husband who will be deeply missed.

If you're interested in supporting the KMOC per-mile pledge drive, you can visit their website at kmoc.com. You can also call them at 940-767-3303.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6