Drought Watch: Dry Fields Impact Players Body

Drought Watch: Dry Fields Impact Players Body

Football season is around the corner and high school teams across the country are getting ready to get back to the gridiron. Texoma teams have to prepare in drought conditions and that's made things a bit tough, especially the dry practice field.

Wichita Falls Rider Head Trainer Dan Brown is trying to keep players safe on the field. Wide Receiver and Defensive Back Deshawn Stevenson enters  the training room to get his ankles tapped up before practice.

"If you got weak ankles like I do, I got to get it tapped," said Stevenson.

When he hits the field Stevenson said the team's practice field is not the softest surface.

"Having my ankle tapped to really help a whole lot on the anything grass as you can see this is like concrete over here," said Stevenson.

Brown compares it to asphalt, he said it can cause shin splints and multiple other problems.

"That hard surface on an unprotected arch or an unprotected sole of a foot is going to affect those joints in the lower extremity extremely the ankle the knee," said Brown.

The players also need to stay hydrated. Stevenson said the coaches have made sure of that. After the practice is over Stevensons taped up ankle is feeling great.

"It feels good right now to be honest, if I did not have it, I probably would have rolled my ankle," said Stevenson.

After practice is over Raider Head Coach Marc Bindel brings players together tells them to take a knee and bow their heads. The team is praying for a great season, but they are also praying that no players get hurt or injured on their dry drought stricken field.