HHH Consumer Show

It's going to be a big weekend in Wichita Falls with the Hotter'N Hell Hundred festivities.

The Consumer Show continued on Friday.  They opened their doors to a crowd of people at 1:00p.m. ready to see what was there.  The vendors were ready for everyone to check out their stuff.

Julie Ayres, the Public Information Officer for Hotter'N Hell Hundred said Friday's festivities is the biggest day of the weekend except for the race.  She explained they expected thousands of people to roll through, but that there was plenty of room.

There was everything from bicycles, bicycle equipment, helmets, clothing, and even bicycles for kids.  This wasn't your average bikes though.  None of them have peddles.  Representatives from the Bike Shop said the purpose is to get kids on bicycles at a younger age.  A lot of kids have trouble mastering balance, but these bikes offer just that.  Kids use their feet to push and then they rest them on the bike and hang on for the ride.

They also had jewelry made out of recycled bicycle chains!  They were very unique and one of a kind.  If you got hungry, they had plenty of food and they had drinks too!

If you didn't make it our Friday night they are opening their doors back up on Saturday morning at 9:00a.m.  So be sure to check out all of the things they have to offer!

, Newschannel 6