School Zone Caution

School Zone Caution

School zones are turning on their caution lights starting at 7:30 this morning.

We spoke with police officials who encourage drivers to slow down and ditch the

distractions in school zones.

Public Information Officer, Sgt. John Spragins, said it's our responsibility

to watch out for the children but they're are not the only ones to watch out for.

"We're going to have enforcement out, including our motors and community service

units," said Spragins. "They'll be working some of the school zones the first few

days to make sure traffic flows good and kids are safe."

Sgt. Spragins encourages all drivers to put away your cell phones. If you're

caught using your phone while driving in a school zone, you could pay a fine up to

$200. He said even eating or drinking in the car can be dangerous distractions.

Sgt. Spragins understands that school zones are not the only place to keep your eyes

open. He said children will be walking through neighborhoods to school and encourages

everyone to be alert.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6