Humane Society Hopes To Raise Money To Stay Open

Humane Society Hopes To Raise Money To Stay Open

As the dog days of summer come to a close Cheryl Miller is hoping she can keep one of the local animal shelters open. Miller is the Director of the Wichita County Humane Society. The society has numerous problems that if not solved could result in a closure within a year's time.

"Because we're not city funded we work strictly off donations we are having a really tough time this summer, keeping up with things," said Miller.

Walking down the outside kennels the problems are visually apparent. The cages are barley together.

"They are rusted out the dogs can get out, some of the fencing is actually tore up," said Miller.

The rust has some cages to literally peel away. It's not just rust there is also the heat that builds up when the animals are inside. The air conditioning does work, but it's still not enough to cool down all the indoor kennels.

Miller also worries about the employees too. The ceiling tiles in the main lobby are falling off and inside millers office leaks have become a problem.

"When it rains it leaks the ceiling tiles are fixing to come out and I have to pick up all my electronic equipment my computer the printer and I have to take it out of my office when it rains," said Miller.

The worry is that if the WCHS is unable to raise enough funds to fix the current problems the door might have to close permanently.

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