Wichita Falls Traffic Troubles

Wichita Falls Traffic Troubles

A person's definition of traffic is relative, and varies depending on location.

When you're sitting in traffic or waiting for a light on Kemp Boulevard, the feeling of frustration is the same.

Kemp Boulevard from Seymour Highway to Southwest Parkway ranks as Wichita Falls most gridlocked road on this years TxDOT list of most congested roadways. The stretch of road produces an annual delay per mile of just under 50,000 hours and a congestion cost, which factors in wasted time and wasted fuel, of over $4 million.

"Congestion is not just a big city issue, said David Schrank, a research scientist at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, "and we as Texans have to figure out ways to improve our transportation system."

Schrank says were in catch up mode when it comes to congestion across the lone star state because our demand has outpaced our supply. In the last 40 years, the number of registered vehicles in Texas is up 172%, while highway space has grown by only 19% during the same time.

"The reason for doing these rankings is to provide information that can be used locally to start the conversation, or even potentially to help determine where to spend resources," said Schrank.

Schrank also emphasized that congestion is important to study because it impacts everyone, from the largest metro areas to the smaller urban regions.

To see a complete list of the most congested roadways in Wichita Falls, visit http://mobility.tamu.edu/most-congested-texas.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6