Many Are Laboring on Labor Day

Many Are Laboring on Labor Day

While many of you are planning on grilling out and spending time with your families, some Texomans are celebrating this Labor Day at work.

We spoke with a few hard working store owners who should be off today. Phillip Malone, Owner of Antiques & Furniture Mall, said he's working today because he hopes to get customers that do have the day off.

"We get a different type of people, in other words, people that don't normally come downtown," said Malone. "They're off on labor day."

Julie Ressell, Owner of Ally Cat Vintage Mercantile, agrees and said she's worked on Labor Day for as long as she can remember.

"I work six days a week and it's just another day to me," said Ressell. "I mean it's fun, my job is fun."

Which is something Malone understands as well.

"And that's why I work on Labor Day," said Malone. "I really enjoy my business, my work and talking to the people."

Store owners are not the only ones open for business today. First responders like the police and fire department are also on the job.

Lieutenant Tracey Petersen of the Wichita Falls Fire Department said Labor Day is just another day for fire fighters.

"They don't think much about it, it's just another day for us," said Petersen. "We work every third day, 24 hours, all throughout the year. We work Labor Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. It's just our shift."

Although, Lieutenant Petersen's pulled some strings of his own.

"I got a guy to work for me and I'm going to work for him the next day," said Petersen

So if you have the day off, make sure to enjoy it for those who will be celebrating it from the office.

Brody Carter, Newschannel 6