Wichita Falls Plans For A Food Trailer Park Downtown

Wichita Falls Plans For A Food Trailer Park Downtown

Wichita Falls is planning on bringing the downtown area to life with a food trailer park.

We spoke with the Wichita County Health District and various food vendors about their plans to create this new community, but not everyone agrees with the city about the location of this proposed park.

Dual ordinances are in the works at the health department to help food vendors congregate together downtown while following state and local laws.

Food vendors agree that having the perfect location is the best way to make it big as a restaurant on wheels.

“All of us in the food truck industry, mobile food industry; we want to be where the people are at,” said Bob Bratcher, Owner of Daddy Bob's Smoke Wagon.

Local food vendors have wanted to create a food trailer park for some time. The health department is now working with the planning division on writing up the ordinances.

“Well that's one of the things that downtown development wants is for people to come to the downtown area,” said Susan Morris of Environmental Health.

Some food vendors believe a food trailer park will spark interest with people who are not even in the food industry, creating new jobs in the area.

“They may not be trained chefs but they may be good at one or two things where they can make some money and not have to open up an actual restaurant,” said Chris Couch, Owner of the Gypsy Kit Restaurant and Catering.

This is something Morris sees on a regular basis.

“I have a lot of people that come to my office and inquire how to do business with mobile food trucks,” said Morris.

The dual ordinances are in their drafting stages. Morris plans on unveiling them to share holders first before taking them to the Board of Health and City Council.