Section 8 Housing Funding Down Applications Are Going Up

Section 8 Housing Funding Down Applications Are Going Up

Wichita Falls is seeing more and more people come from outside areas to apply for section eight housing. Other areas have closed off applicants because their waiting list was already too long.

According to Wichita Falls Housing Generalist Pamela Ibarra those who apply for section eight housing vouchers are only forced to live and work within the county for one year. After that one year term is expired, then those who were the vouchers are able to move to other regions of the country.

Ibarra said that many have come in received their voucher lived and worked in the county for as they are required to, only to then move elsewhere. That has cost some who would live and work locally to be denied funding. For example, if one family takes a voucher and moves to California would be cost equivalent of as many as four families vouchers who live in Wichita.

"It depends on where they house them, where they go, what their cost of living is. Well, it's actually their payment standard too," said Ibarra.

Ibarra said that the city only has so much control over what people who are granted a voucher can or cannot do. Because the vouchers are a federal program Wichita Falls cannot deny anyone from applying unless their waiting period expands longer than 24 months.

Right now the waiting list is open.

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