How The Decision From CVS is Impacting Wichita Falls

Director of Health for the Wichita Falls, Wichita County Health District, Lou Kreidler joined us in studio to talk about the big announcement from CVS.

The company officially removed all tobacco products at its 77—locations, including three in Wichita Falls.

It's happening nearly a month earlier than initially planned.

Kreidler was one of the key players in writing and getting the smoking ordinance passed in Wichita Falls.  We wanted to know how she thought the move from CVS would impact smokers across Texoma.  She hopes it will make people think twice about the choices that they are making when they are buying tobacco products.  She also talked about how CVS will be offering quit aids.  Kreidler hopes they will take advantage of those products.

Newschannel 6 also asked her about some of the restaurants affected by the smoking ordinance in Wichita Falls.  We wanted to know why some of the restaurants have done away with their smoking sections even though they would be grandfathered into the ordinance.

Kreidler said two of them chose to do it because they were going through remodeling.  With that expense they just decided to not make a smoking section.  Plus, the restaurants knew they would have to clean all of the tobacco smoke rooms in two years.