Waggoner Ranch Sale Could Impact Community

Waggoner Ranch Sale Could Impact Community

The Waggoner Ranch made history by becoming the largest ranch in the United States under one fence.

But now that the property is up for sale many people are concerned about the legacy dying.

What started as a possibility 15 years ago is now a reality. The iconic Waggoner Ranch will be sold.

"I would like to think that somewhere in the buying pool is somebody that will take this ranch and protect and preserve it for another 165 to 200 years," said Bernard Uechtritz, with Briggs Freeman Sotheby's international Realty.

The ranch sale has not officially hit the market. But those involved with the sale said there have been many interested buyers so far. Many of those potential buyers are even from Texas.

"I'm in hopes we can sell it to someone right here in Texas," said Sam Middleton, Broker for Chas. S. Middleton and Son.  "It could be an independent oil man or it could be a ranch with substantial royalties. That's the kind of market I'm interested in."

The city of Vernon said they are very concerned with the sale, and potential buyer. The city said they're used to working close with the ranch.

"They've always been good partners with the city," said Vernon City Manager Mitch Grant. "We would hope if it does sell that the new owners would be good to work with too."

Meanwhile, residents had mixed reactions on the sale, and the potential changes the ranch could undergo.

"I think it's crazy that they're selling such an American iconic heritage," said Vernon resident Jessica Mowrer. "That's what Vernon is about, the Waggoner Ranch."

"I believe that it can benefit Wilbarger," said Vernon resident Tammy Byrd.

"I think it does a good asset to Vernon, and there are jobs in it," said Vernon resident Migda Guerra.  "Some people will lose their jobs if they do sell it."

Those selling the ranch said regardless of what type of buyer ends up with the property, jobs on the ranch are likely safe for a year or two after the purchase. They said a new buyer could potentially bring more money and possibilities to the surrounding cities. 

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6