RHS Raider Band Is Beating The Heat

RHS Raider Band Is Beating The Heat

The Wichita Falls Rider High School Band will be marching in a much lighter uniform, then what they had in the past. In fact, it's simply just an athletic dry fit T-shirt top and shorts. RHS Band Director Loy Studer said  he's making the change to put the safety of his band first.

"Right now the main thing is to keep the kids cool, keep them comfortable where they can focus on supporting the team and being there to make the crowd get into the game and being safe and healthy," said Studor.

John Rines is a Quad Tenor Drum player. His drums and T-frame that carries them weigh a total of 45 pounds. With all that weight Rines is happy to trade in his thick black uniform for something much lighter.

"The shorts, a T-shirt make the whole difference whenever it's hot outside. The drums are also black so that adds some extra heat to me," said Rines.

Studor only allows the band to trade out uniforms when temperatures are above 100 degrees.

Flutist Lane Maddox said the band still needs to be ready and able to play should temperatures hover in the mid 90's.

"This heat is pretty tough. It gets us prepared for when we do have to wear the uniforms, but you get acclimated to it," said Maddox.

But preparing for the heat does not mean they don't stay hydrated. In fact, they take frequent water breaks every 10 minutes.

The Rider Band will wear their athletic dri fit T-shirt top and shorts combo for Friday's game, when the Raider's face off against Amarillo.

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