Finding Refuge

Finding Refuge

Faith Refuge aims to give women who are facing hard times a safe place of stability and structure within a loving context. Their goal is to educate and equip them to become productive members of society.

"We're a full service organization in terms of not only housing them and providing meals and clothing, but we also provide social services to help them get on their feet and become self sufficient," said Steve Sparks, the Executive Director of Faith Refuge in Wichita Falls.

Two of those services are the Faith Refuge Career Academy and the New Beginnings Program. The Career Academy   provides women with the opportunity to first attain their G.E.D, and then move on and gain skills so they can become more employable. The New Beginnings program is for women recovering from addiction and other destructive behaviors.

"They go through classes on recovering from addiction," Sparks explained, "bible classes, anger management, and then they all finish up by graduating from that into the career academy."

Faith Refuge also provides opportunities for these women to further their education through their Scholarship Fund. Nineteen women have used this avenue to graduate from college, with two attending college currently via scholarships.

"We've also had some other ladies get supplies, laptops, and those kind of things so they can continue their education," Sparks said.

Kristie Muniz is a member of the New Beginnings program, who wants to use the scholarship to help other people who were in a similar situation as she was in.

"I would like to get my LCDC, which would be helping other chemically dependent people," Muniz said.

One of the major fundraisers for the Faith Refuge Scholarship Fund is "Fashion Night Out". Proceeds from ticket sales and from the sale of auction items at the event directly benefit the Scholarship Fund and Career Academy.

Fashion Night Out takes place on September 25th at the Kemp at the Forum. Tickets are available at Tangles Salon and participating boutiques.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6