Wichita Falls Circle Trail Lacks Lighting For Night Time Users

Wichita Falls Circle Trail Lacks Lighting For Night Time Users

Much of the Circle Trail in Wichita Falls has little or no lighting for nighttime users.

According to Parks and Recreation Director for Wichita Falls, Jack Murphy, most of the trail is supposed to be off limits to users because it lacks light. Murphy explained there is hope to add amenities like lights to the trail in the future, but for now the focus is solely on completing the trail. The Circle Trail is supposed to stretch a total of 23 miles around Wichita Falls and only 18 miles has been completed.

"As the trail is developed as indicated was a series of grants and normally the grant only included the construction of the concrete trail," said Murphy.

There are a few areas near apartments and residential areas that do benefit from some of the nearby streetlight, but because those grants to build the trail were used to pay for only the concrete construction, Murphy said the city would be unable to add expensive amenities like lights unless they dipped into the general fund.

"It's a bit costly to install and a bit costly to maintain elasticity and keeping it up. In certain areas we may extend lighting to those areas that might be in dark," said Murphy.

Murphy said there is no set timetable for the Circle Trail completion. Once the trail is complete Murphy said that's when the city can start discussions of adding amenities of not only lights but also additional bathrooms, benches, shelters, and even a self guided tour.

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