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Effluent Water Available For Water Haulers

The Wichita Falls Public Utilities Department is reactivating the availability of wastewater effluent water from the River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant for irrigation water haulers. This will start Monday, September 8th. 

 With the activation of the full scale operation of the City's Direct Potable Reuse Plant, all wastewater effluent sales were suspended. The city needed time to collect enough data to determine if there was going to be any effluent water left for purchase by irrigators.  With the continued optimization of the DPR Plant, the City does have a limited amount of effluent water for purchase.

 The city will again sell wastewater effluent to irrigation water haulers who have entered into a contract with the city.  The hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 11am to 4pm at the River Road Wastewater Plant. Not available on weekends.

 For more information please contact Wastewater Superintendent, Harold Burris, at 397-2536.
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