City View Lunch Shortage?

One Texoma parent told Newschannel 6 her children are going hungry and said City View High School is to blame.

On Monday, Krissandra Nabors, a parent of three students at the school told us about the ongoing issue with her children's school running out of food to eat during lunch.

"I understand you might not have everything to offer, but at least have a main meal to offer them,” said Nabors.

Nabors a proud Mustang parent, told Newschannel 6 that in the two years her children have attended City View, there have been a few times that her children have not eaten lunch.

"She was like, ‘We didn't eat today at lunch. There was nothing to eat,” said Nabors.

A problem Nabors became aware of when her daughter Shelbie, a sophomore, would come home from school extremely hungry.

"My friends and I just talk through the entire lunch period since there's nothing to eat," said Shelbie Nabors, a sophomore, at City View High School.

Krissandra said it's an even bigger concern for her two sons. Both play football for the Mustangs, enduring eight hours of school and then stay a couple hours after for practice.

"They need all the nutrition they can get to be out there on the field," said Nabors.

Newschannel 6 reached out to school officials and they said the school serves three different lunch options each day.

It also said while they may run out of two out of three lunch options, each student still receives a meal to eat.

"There are times where one of the lines may run out based on what the kids are eating that day and they have to go to another line, but we've never in the history of city view ran out of food,” said City View ISD Superintendent, Steve Harris.

Harris said is not aware of students not eating at all. However, he did say there was a food shortage in the first week of school.

"There was one line that ran out a couple of times and of course they're changing numbers all the time as we get enrollment in and the vice principal levels out the lunch period,” said Superintendent Harris.

Nabors said her husband brought the problem to school administration attention.

"I didn't speak directly to Mr. Harris, but my husband did. He said, ‘He was advised and aware of the problem, because he eats at the high school and they were getting it fixed,” said Nabors.

Superintendent Harris told Newschannel 6 it's an issue that often comes up during the first few weeks of school. "We get this every year. Every school does," said Harris.

"I feel like we did go through the chain of command to get the issue addressed and resolved, and it's only three weeks into the school year,” said Nabors.

City Views ISD officials told us it takes cafeteria workers and school administrators a couple of weeks before they can estimate the amount of food they need to prepare for students. But Nabors said she wants them to fix this problem soon.

Superintendent Harris said if any other parents have an issue or concern, feel free to reach out to school administrators.

, Newschannel 6