Electra Place 3 Commissioner Seat Vacant

Electra Place 3 Commissioner Seat Vacant

Electra City Commissioners voted 3-1 Tuesday night to accept the resignation of Sue Howell, Commissioner Place 3.

Howell ushered into Electra City Hall as a reformer. She spearheaded an effort that has given residents the power to recall city officials, but said her time as a commissioner must come to an end.

Last month, she delivered a resignation letter to the City following a failed attempt to recall Commissioner Margie Bentley Scott and a 3-2 vote to promote Deputy Chief Michael Hopkins to Electra Police Chief.

Tuesday night Howell prepared a written statement to address commissioners and residents about her decision to step down. The former commissioner read a couple of words before nearly shedding tears in front of a packed Electra Commission Chambers.

Howell told Newschannel 6 that she came into office with the intention to do good work for the people of Electra, but quickly realized that would not be possible.

“They listen to the people, but they don't care what they say. They're just going to do it their way no matter what,” said Howell. “They think they're smarter than the average bear, but they're not. They're no better than anyone else.”

Newschannel 6 asked Electra Mayor Curtis Warner about Howell's accusations.

“I disagree and that's my privilege. We vote on our beliefs,” said Mayor Warner. “We don't vote teams. We don't double team anyone.”

Howell believes now that she has stepped down from her post, she can better serve the community outside of city hall. She said, she will continue working with members of a group called the ‘Electra Straight shooters.”

City officials are now accepting applications to fill Howell's seat. Any resident interested must submit a letter of intent to City Hall before the Sept. 18 deadline. All applications must be in the city secretary's hand no later than 4: 30 p.m.

City Commissioners said they hope to fill the vacant seat at its next city council meeting on Sept. 23.

, Newschannel 6