Bowie Police Able To Locate Body Thanks To "Ping" On Cell Phone

Bowie Police Able To Locate Body Thanks To "Ping" On Cell Phone

Bowie Police Chief, Guy Green, said that a cell phone was a key part to locate 91-year-old Jack McKee who went missing Wednesday, September 10th. Green said that family members became concerned about McKee when he did not return home from working a pumping job.

That's when the B.P.D. and Montague County Sheriffs contacted Mckees phone company and were able to use a "ping" signal to locate him. Green said that the signal was a crucial part in helping them locate McKee. Earlier B.D.P., M.C.S .and other volunteers had performed multiple flyovers and ground searches with no luck.

"It was very useful, because of the phone pinging every fifteen minutes we knew that had to be something in that area so we just stayed there otherwise we may have moved to a different area," said Green.

After using the "ping" signal, Green said they were able to locate McKee in his car off of Big Tree Road.

"One of the sheriff's deputies was able to find the area where it looked like a vehicle might have been and the vehicle was found approximately twenty yards into a brush line," said Green.

The Montague Justice of the Peace has called for an autopsy to be performed on the body. As of now, police say it's most likely that McKee passed out or blacked out while driving and then crashed his car. Foul play is not suspected.

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