Celebrating Mexican Independence

Hispanic Heritage Month continued Sunday in Texoma with the Mexican Independence Day Festival.

Music, dancing, fun and of course food are all what brought the community together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

"Mexican Independence Day to me means a lot of heritage and us coming together as a community trying to get all of the community around here in Texoma, Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas together," said Felipe Castillo for KZAM 98.7 radio station.

2014 is the first year for the Mexican Independence Day Festival in Texoma and it was a great turnout.

"It took us a couple months and now that we have everything together, it turned out to be something exceptional and something good for the community," said Castillo.

10 groups, including different genres of bands and Ballet Folklorico performed, getting lots of applause and the crowd on their feet.

"We have different bands and different groups.  It's a lot of heritage in my behalf and I believe in everybody that has turned out," said Castillo.

"I played on the trampoline, I ate my mom's food and I had a lot of fun," said festival attendee, Ashley Vasquez.

It is this type of fun that is expected to continue in Texoma for years to come.

Castillo also said, he looks forward to next year's Mexican Independence Day Festival being bigger and better.

Mexican Independence Day will be Tuesday, September 16th celebrating the Mexican War of Independence over 200 years ago.

, Newschannel 6