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Property Tax Rates Will Rise In Wichita Falls

Property Tax Rates Will Rise In Wichita Falls

 Property owners in Wichita Falls are going to pay $0.02 more per hundred dollar value beginning October 1st.  Wichita Falls City Council approved a two cent tax increase that would generate an estimated $900,000 to go towards across the board 4-percent pay increases for city employees.

Before the tax hike was approved many showed frustration that the city was using a tax hike as a way to fund a pay bump.  Many felt that the city could trim some of its other expenditures and pay for the raise with general fund dollars.

"It does give a nice increase 4-percent to our employees. I don't believe you have the general citizenry clamoring  to increase their taxes, so you would do well to represent that point of view," said Jim Ginnings.

Others supported the increases.

"I'm here to address the pay increase and speaking to the other city employees I'm asking your support in this pay increase. I ask that you honor those employees such as myself who withstood stood their ground and made it through those tough times and are still here," said Tony Ramirez.

The council voted 5-2 in favor of the proposed tax hike.  Councilmen Smith, Hoover, Hooker, Pope-Dotson and Mayor Glenn Barham voted yes.  Councilmen Ingle and Quintero were the two to vote no.

Mayor Barham said that those who live in Wichita Falls won't feel any financial sting because taxes overall are still going to be lower than last year.  The council had to declare a state of emergency in order to allow the now passed a tax hike to be implemented in time for the beginning of the next fiscal year. The 2014-2015 fiscal year begins October 1st.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6

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