Two Seymour City Officials Leave Their Positions

Two city officials in Seymour have called it quits.

On Tuesday, it was business as usual in Seymour at the Municipal Building.

On September 3rd, the City Administrator, John Studard retired from his position.  On the same day, Mayor Toby Hines resigned.

"We're very fortunate that the staff that we have and the employees that we have are very capable and do their jobs well.  All of our day to day operations have maintained quite well in the absence of a City Administrator," said Economic Development Director for Seymour, Lauren Bush.

As of now, no one seems to know why the City AdmiAdministrator the Mayor left their positions.

"No, nothing was cited," said Bush.

Residents we spoke with either did not want to get involved, did not want to go on camera, or did not know the two positions were even empty.

"No, I knew Toby, but I don't know why he resigned," said Seymour resident, John Garett.

"I know nothing about it,"said Seymour resident, Glenda Wood.

Billy Henricks, the Mayor Pro-Temp is currently filling in the mayor's position.

"With finding a new Mayor, the city secretary takes care of all of that and depending on how a person leaves, you have to follow certain procedures," said Bush.

As for the City Administrator position, the city will begin taking applications on Thursday.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6