WFISD Talks Of More Technology In The Classroom

WFISD Talks Of More Technology In The Classroom

Wichita Falls Independent School District is looking at the possibility of bringing more technology into the classroom. WFISD Superintendent Doctor John Frossard said that the districts are taking a cautious approach when it comes to the idea of spending the district's taxpayer money on new devices.

"We want to make sure we don't just throw hardware at the student achievement issues. Many of these initiatives fail because they have not defined how they want to use technology," said Doctor Frossard.

The end goal would be to help students understand how to use technology to advance their education. Doctor Frossard said he has seen too many districts throw devices at a student and expect the device to do the teaching.

"As an object of instruction, we can teach about computer architecture, programming and various software applications and computer ethics and that kind of thing as a tool for instruction it can be used in a variety of ways and we have a number of teachers who are at the forefront of that," said Doctor Frossard.

As of now WFISD has only begun to talk with teachers and other educators to decide the best possible approach to ensuring students are actually gaining something from the technology they are given. Frossard said there is no timetable nor budget limit set for any action on the issue.

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