Archer City I.S.D. School Bond

The Archer City Independent School District is proposing about a $17 million dollar bond which will include improvements as well as changes in the district.

“It includes a new high school, a new turf football field, renovations of restrooms in elementary and the gym,” said Archer City I.S.D. Superintendent, C.D. Knobloch.

The new high school would be A.D.A. Compliant.  Knobloch also said he would love to put a new fence around the playground at the elementary school and get new bleachers for the gym.

“The new high school would go exactly where the current high school is.  What we would do is bring in a couple of sets of classrooms, they are buildings you rent," said Knobloch.

There would be about 20 of these temporary buildings all including about 10 classrooms each while construction is being done on the new school.

The current high school built in 1925 would be demolished.

One Archer City resident we spoke with is already in favor of the change.

“I feel like our teachers could benefit drastically from having a new and improved building.   I feel like the education that they would be able to provide would be just even more.  I just know that this building has limited them on technology and stuff like that, so I feel like it would really help our community out,” said Archer City resident, Lacey Foster.

In the end, the school bond is all about the future of the students.

“Of course we want to provide our kids with the best, the best that we can afford.   My goal for this whole process is to inform every voter why we are proposing a bond so they can make an educated decision, whether it's for or against," said Knobloch.

Archer City residents will be able to voice where they stand on the school bond proposal, November 4th. If the bond does pass, construction could begin 90 days later.

, Newschannel 6