Lawmakers Respond to Action Taken in Syria

Part of the Texas Congressional Delegation is speaking out on the airstrikes in Syria.

Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry said, “These airstrikes carried out by the U.S. and the other nations are a necessary first step in dealing with the terrorist threat of ISIL.

He also said much more will have to be done by many nations because ISIL can't be stopped by only bombing.

Congressman Thornberry said, “We continue to be grateful for the dedicated professionals serving our nation in the military who are engaged in this effort.”

Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn also made a statement after the President's remarks on military operations in Syria.

Senator Cornyn said, “While I support taking immediate action to address this serious threat and stand with our men and women in uniform, the potential consequences of any missteps are grave and the stakes too high for the President to go it alone with a ‘pen and phone' mentality.”

He also stated that as the president involves the nation deeper in what could be prolonged military campaign, Cornyn said he should seek a new Congressional authorization for the use of military force without delay.