IdeaWF is About to Get Underway

Local entrepreneurs will be putting their ideas to the test as the 5


Annual Idea Wichita Falls Program gets underway.

The program gives entrepreneurs tools, training, and the assistance they need to get their business up and running.  Three winners will receive a cash prize of up $70,000.  They will also get access to services including legal, accounting, and marketing assistance.

Organizers said the program is all about growing the local job market.

Dr. Jeff Ambaugh, the Director of the Lanai Center of Entrepreneurship said, “

More than half the revenue for this new business has to come from outside of Wichita, Archer and Clay Counties because when new money, new revenue comes into the area it creates new jobs as opposed to trading jobs between existing competitors."

The Dillard College at Midwestern State University is offering orientation sessions starting October 27th as a way to give applicants a jump start on the process.

The deadline to submit a proposal is December 3rd.