Military Nights at the Wichita Falls Travel Center

The Wichita Falls Travel Center is holding Military Nights for military members who plan to travel for the Christmas holidays.

Military Nights and are exclusively reserved for active duty personnel. During these events members of the military who plan to travel by bus during the holidays will receive assistance with reservations and ticket purchases while enjoying some free giveaways.

Early reservations and ticket purchases allow transportation companies time to plan for sufficient carrier needs so buses are not overloaded and passengers will not be "bumped" from their ride. Military Nights will also save participants money on early purchases as well as provide shorter routes than what they will find online.

The Events are to held on these dates:

Monday, November 3rd

Tuesday, November 18th

Monday, December 1st

Monday, December 15th

Military Nights are held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 306 Scott Street. For more information please call (940)761-7925.