Free Trees Help With Energy Fees

Free Trees Help With Energy Fees

ONCOR, along with Keep Texas Beautiful and the Arbor Day Foundation, is giving you the power to save on energy costs.

Under the Energy-Saving Trees Program, homeowners can reserve up to two complimentary trees per residence that could help significantly slash your future heating and air conditioning bill.

"The program is really designed to promote energy conservation by educating customers on the best places to plant trees," said Luke Miller, the manager of the Energy-Saving Trees Program

In the summer, the canopy from the trees will provide shade, and act to temper air conditioning costs. In the winter, if placed correctly, the free trees will help break down the prevailing winds and help with heating fees.

ONCOR and the Arbor Day Foundation worked closely with the Texas Forestry Association to choose trees that could withstand the elements in Texoma.

"They're trees that are grown locally, and do very well in drought conditions," Miller said.

Homeowners can choose from six tree species, including Burr Oak, Cedar Elm, and Texas Redbud. The way to reserve your trees is to use the arbor day foundation's online tool, where you can virtually move the trees around different spots on your property and see your potential energy savings.

Planting trees around your home will not only reduce the amount of energy consumed over time, but also add property value, improve air quality, and can more effectively filter storm water runoff.

The trees are available on a first come first serve basis. Click here to try out the program for yourself!

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6