Safe Shooting For Kids

From 22 rifles, 22 pistols and 12 gage shot guns, kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Wichita Falls were able to shoot these at the Northwest Texas Field and Steam Association's gun range.

"A rifle is like you've got to aim at the small dot and shoot it.  It's pretty simple, but it' also tricky at the same time, it's hard to describe," said Boys and Girls Club member, Gabe Galindo.

Gabe Galindo told us that he wasn't scared to shoot the guns, but other kids we spoke with said they were.

"I kind of thought it was scary at first, but when I shot it, it was actually fun," said Boys and Girls Club member, Krystal McCollum.

"The best part of it is to get some kid that is not sure about this, they're kind of nervous and you get them down there and they get their first shot off and then they start relaxing, they start focusing, they start hitting that target and that is what us coaches like," said Brian Davis of the N.W.T.F.S.

With having kids at the gun range, achieving safety is always the target.

"As soon as a kid steps on the firing line, the first thing we do is talk about safety the do's and don'ts and we make sure they follow those instructions.  We explain to them that guns are fun, but you've got to be safe to have the fun," said Davis.

"We keep a sharp eye on the kids.  We have lots of adults here to keep an eye on them.  We take that stuff seriously.  After you get the kids shooting for a little bit, they understand and they do it that way.  They don't know how to do it wrong if you teach them how to do it right,"said Davis.

Teaching kids right, is starting them off slow and while being conscious of everyone's safety as well as their own.

For the N.W.T.F.S. 4H groups, a child has to be 8-years old in the third grade before they are allowed to be at the gun range. Otherwise, kids can range in age from nine to 18 to be at the gun range.

A child younger than these ages can be at the gun range only is they have strict adult supervision.

The N.W.T.F.S 4H office has seen a lot of kids sign up for classes at the gun range.  Many students have gone from shooting 22's to AR 15's.

The N.W.F.T.S. will help host a 4H Fall Rifle and Pistol class October 5th through October 26th.

For more information on the class, call (940) 692-1141.  

, Newschannel 6