Watching The Water

Even though lake levels dropped this week, there is some good news with regards to the drought timeline.

With the cooler temperatures we saw in the summer of 2014, and with everyone going above and beyond to conserve, we have 12 more months added until we run dry.  Operations Manager Daniel Nix said  this is the best summer we have seen since this particular drought began.

“I think the 2014 summer has definitely been the best in our last four years,” Nix said.

Nix said everyone is doing their part to give the city more time to battle the drought, including mother nature.  So, even if we only got the same about of rain fall we saw in 2011, which was the worst we have gotten so far during this drought, we have until the summer of 2017 until we run out of water.Nix said,

“The conservation and the reuse is definitely working.  They are doing exactly what they were planned to do.”

The city has other projects in motion to save the city even more time.  This includes the permanent water reuse project, which Nix hopes will be online in 24 months.  Nix said they also severed the line from Lake Kemp when they started the direct potable reuse project.  So all of the water is being banked, which means it isn't being used.

When the combines lake levels hit 20-percent more restrictions will be added to stage 5, but they won't affect residents.  Nix said it will primarily affect the car washes.  They will no longer be able to operate on tap water.

Nix said they are also working with an engineering firm in water resources in the state of Texas to develop a long term resource plan.

“It will look at where to go in the short term and the long term.  When they are speaking long term they are looking at decades down the road,” Nix said.

He added they aren't just planning to get through this drought.  They are setting up plans so the city gets get through the next drought and the drought after that.

Overall, everyone is contributing to conserving  as much water as they can so we can ride out the drought and the cooler temperatures are helping.

, Newschannel 6