Flying Into History: Curtiss Jenny's Final Flight

Flying Into History: Curtiss Jenny's Final Flight

The historic 1917 Curtiss Jenny, the first plane used to train airmen in Wichita Falls, will take to the skies one last time this weekend.

And at an auction held by the Museum of North Texas History Monday night, a ride in the passenger seat of the Jenny was up for grabs.

The plane's name is the JN-4D, but ever since 1917, it's been affectionately nicknamed Jenny. And, somewhat sadly, the Jenny is flying home.

"It's a real tearjerker, but by doing it this way we'll preserve this plane forever, for our children and grandchildren, said Robert Seabury, the Chairman of the Jenny to Jet Exhibit.

The Curtiss Jenny will sit near a T-38 jet from Sheppard Air Force Base at its permanent location at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport after Saturday. it will be a representation of almost one hundred years of not just aviation history in the Falls, but the history and fiber of the city itself.

"It has such a tie in with our history of our city, it played a key role in the history of our city. It is Wichita Falls," Seabury said.

Colonel Armando San Diego, after some tense back and forth action, came out on top as the winner of the auction, with a winning bid of $32,000.

"All I want is to support the community and of course the aeronautical museum," San Diego said, "and especially the Curtiss Jenny, which I know there are only five that are flyable."

All the proceeds from the evening will go towards the Museum of North Texas History. San Diego and the winners of the rides in a Ford Model T and a Model T Troop Carrier, which were also up for bid, will complete their journeys to the Regional Airport on Saturday, October 4th.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6