Record Setting Year For MSU International

Record Setting Year For MSU International
 It all began in 1993, when Midwestern State's Dr. Randy Glean started racking up frequent flyer miles to the Caribbean and Bahamas. He went in search of international students. Dr. Glean found that Midwestern State was salable and the students were ready to get their degree in the United States.

"The rest of the world does not know Midwestern State University. So, in order to introduce Midwestern State University, and to have them think about attending there, we have to introduce ourselves to them," said Dr. Keith Lamb.

Dr. Lamb is the Midwestern State Vice-President that oversees Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. One of the things that falls under his umbrella, is International Services. That's "MSU HQ" when it comes to taking care of the international student population.

"The largest contingent of students is from India. Now the largest region in the world, is the Caribbean and Bahamas, but the largest single country is India," said Dr. Lamb. "We have students from 53 different countries on our campus right now."

"I have a Bachelors in Education. I graduated in 2012 and I'm back doing my Masters in Reading Education," said International MSU student Tameka Stanley.

Tameka came to MSU after hearing about the school in her home country in the Bahamas. She may be heading back there after getting her Masters degree. She told us her biggest adjustment at MSU, was Mother Nature.

"I'd say the biggest challenge is the weather," said Tameka. "It's really cold in the winter, and it's really hot in the summer. So, I'd say that's the biggest one."

Dr. Lamb told us MSU being in Wichita Falls is also a bonus. Simply because, the city has a lot of things we might not think of as being "crucial" when we look at a city to live in.

"We have a very good public transportation system. I don't think a lot of people realize that," said Dr. Lamb.  "That's very important to our international students. It's a very welcoming community. The quaintness does play well with a number of students."

The University's goal is to have a 10-percent international population. They feel it's the right mix to make sure the diversity is there for a good learning atmosphere.

"It's very important in United States, education, that a student is well rounded and that includes being exposed to the rest of the world," Dr. Lamb said.

Dr. Lamb and International Services Director Dr. Randy Glean, are about to embark on another trip to Asia to try and recruit more students.

Chris Horgen, Newschannel 6