Round 2: Texas Governor's Debate

Wichita Falls, TX - Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Senator Wendy Davis will face off Tuesday night in the Texas Debates: The Race For Governor. This one hour debate will be hosted by KERA-TV in Dallas.

This is the candidates second debate in two weeks. On Sept. 19, the pair participated in a debate in south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, heavily populated by Hispanics.

Newschannel 6 spoke with the local party chairmen about the 2014 governor's race and what they believe are the key issues in this campaign.

"We have more people coming into public educations and we had cuts to education," said John Richie, Wichita County Democratic Party Chairman. "We have water issues in drought stricken parts of Texas. We have a water plan. Is it going to be implemented? How's it going to be implemented?"

"The biggest issues people I've talked to in Wichita Falls  have concerns about government overreach, the economy and the integrity of the southern border," said Dana 'Cy" Mills, Wichita County Republican Chairman.

One issue both party's have distinct differences on are the ongoing drought. Richie told Newschannel 6 he believes State Senator Wendy Davis will make sure the water plan strategy for the state will be implemented transparently. Meanwhile, his opposition, Mills believes the Republican party wants smaller government, and what that would entail local leaders figuring out how to handle the drought.

Despite their differences, both party chairman, said they are working hard to get voters to the polls.

"We know the other party would like to put Texas in play. So, we're trying to be more pro-active and getting out the vote, be more pro-active in encouraging people not to take for granted the way things are going to go, and get more participation," said Mills.

Each party chairman, said they have been out in the local community passing out campaign leaflets, trying to inform residents about each candidate.

"Elections matter, your future matters and we're at a crossroads at this point not only in this county, but the state about where we're going to go forward from here," said Richie. "If we don't get out and vote our conscious and vote our own self interests, we may rule the day if we're not careful."

While the governor's race is getting a lot of attention, Richie believes the Lieutenant Governor's race between Republican State Senator Dan Patrick and Democratic State Senator Leticia Van de Putte is even more important. Mills agrees, has lots of power in the state when it comes to legislation. However, he hopes the next lieutenant governor believes in smaller government.

The debate starts at 8 p.m.CT and you can watch it live right here on

, Newschannel 6