Crime During Rival Week in Wichita Falls

Rider Raider fans lined to watch a parade on Thursday night.  It's a tradition they do every year the day before they face off against their rival, The Wichita Falls High School Coyotes.

Police said rival week is a time when crimes happen because of the upcoming game.  Officer Brandi Banda said this year they saw the same amount of crime they did last year.

This is why the Wichita Falls Independent School District takes extra precautions to make sure everyone is safe.

William Horton, Chief of Police and Director of Security at WFISD said "Normally what we've done and we've beefed up security for the week and we hire private security to protect our school district our school area."

Horton said normally there are two officers at each high school, but since it's rival week, they have added a few more. 

Horton said, "W

hat we try to do is basically just make sure that the school is protected and that everyone is going to be safe during the event.  That's the most important.  That's really our mission."

They also hire additional police officers to handle all of the events that go on throughout the week.  Horton said they haven't had many issues in the past at the events.  However, when the lights turn on and it's game night, their approach is different.

"Now you got thousands of people and it's a little more of a crowd control issue than just a rivalry between two schools," Horton said.

He wants to remind everyone to just enjoy the game.  Let the players handle the outcome.

This is the 52nd time the teams will be playing each other.  Rider leads the all time record against WFHS 31-17-3.

, Newschannel 6