Calle Ocho Festival 2014

The 5th Annual Calle Ocho Festival happened on Saturday, October 4th.

It was a great time for the entire family!  Everyone could enjoy the Hispanic culture with food, music, games, and much more.  The Zavala Hispanic Culture Initiative puts on the event every year. 
Roger Palma, the President of the non-profit organization said all of the money raised went to educational programs and scholarships.  He said their programs get kids and parents thinking about continuing their education.

Palmer said, "We promote middle age kids and their parents to do the right things to be ready for college."

He said only 46-percent of Hispanics who applied for college this year looked into financial aid.  Palmer feels the Hispanic community needs to improve providing kids with the opportunity to go to college or university.
“All of the people think it's not affordable.  There is no money for them and there are a lot of different programs out there.  Parent's just don't know and they think the high school is the last resort,” Palmer said.
The Zavala Hispanic Culture Initiative wants to make sure children have the opportunity to continue their education.  There offer many education programs.
The non-profit organization doesn't have a location in Wichita Falls, but Palmer said this is because they would rather spend the money on their programs.  Plus, many organizations, such as Vernon College, let them use their facilities.

The Zavala Hispanic Culture Initiative was established in 2002 and continues to grow every year.

Palma said the best part about the non-profit organization is seeing the kids, parents, and the community working together.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6