Bed Bugs Return At Faith Mission?

Bed Bugs Return At Faith Mission?

Wichita Falls, TX -

Dorms that were infested with bed bugs are back open at Faith Mission, but a family that reached out to Newschannel 6 said there are still bed bugs at the facility.

Newschannel 6 reached out to management at Faith Mission to get answers for Harold Bell, his wife and three kids. The family told us they had discussed the issue with management several times, but were unsuccessful in reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

The family said they first went to Faith Mission about a month ago after they fell on hard times and that was two days before the first bed bug incident. Management told them they had everything under control but the family soon found out bed bugs were still at the facility.

"We found welps on our children and I had welps on the back of my neck," said Harold Bell.

Harold and Carrie Bell and their three children call family room number three home, at Faith Mission. The couple are expecting a baby and say they are afraid to lay their heads down at night because of bed bugs.

"We tried to tell them but they tell us its ants and mosquitoes, anything besides what it is, because they're trying to get around the subject of it actually being bed bugs over on our side of the mission."

Newschannel 6 first told you about bed bugs at Faith Mission back in September. Since, then the non-profit closed it's main dormitory for men consisting of 64 beds.

"We had a lot of beds in there that needed to be treated and we took care of those over a three week period," said Ken Putnam, Owner of Putnam Pest Service.

On Friday, the shelter reopened its main sleeping quarters.

"We've reopened that room and we've ordered all new mattresses," said Vickie Payne, Director of Marketing and Development at Faith Mission and Refuge. "We do want to have a healthy living environment for the people we serve who are homeless. We don't want them to be bitten by any kind of bug."

Bell and his wife, who is in a high risk pregnancy, says management is not treating them that way. They have brought bed bugs taped to a piece of card board to their attention and yet nothing has been done.

"Management has got a really bad attitude right now because of the incident," said Bell. "When anybody brings it up, they get really hostile at you and want to start hollering and screaming at you."

When Newschannel 6 asked management about the bed bugs, they told us they knew nothing about it until now.

"We're having those checked and unfortunately if they are, we will have to close that area down," said Payne.

It's a very unfortunate situation, that would put Kelley Bateman, a single parent of seven kids on the streets.

"We really don't have anywhere to go right now. I have no family here," said Bateman.

Two families, complete strangers, except for the one wall that separates the place they lay their heads.

"No one wants to rent to us because they don't want bed bugs in their apartment," said Bell.

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