Tapping Into Lake Kemp

Tapping Into Lake Kemp

Wichita Falls is looking to integrate water from Lake Kemp into the Direct Potable Reuse Project. The city will pay $85,000 for an engineering company, and to evaluate and help push for state authorization to integrate the water into the current supply.

Wichita Falls is currently pulling its water for the DPRP from lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo. Schreiber said it's estimated that current water supply life from Arrowhead and Kickapoo will remain useful until 2016. According to Schreiber, adding Kemp onto the water supply will extend that life by two years.

"We think this is the next step to battle the drought in Wichita Falls and Staff would recommend approval," said Schreiber.

The water will be treated at the River Road Wastewater treatment plant before being mixed in the with current DPRP supply. The Kemp water will be safe to drink, but taste and smell will be affected.

"All the compliments that we received about how good the water tasted, and the quality of it, now those will probably go away whenever we try to bring lake Kemp water back in here because it will add some salt to the water," said Schreiber.

As of now there is no current timetable for when this will be approved and no current dollar amount set for how much additional treatment will cost the city.

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