Sense Of Security Stolen

Sense Of Security Stolen

Even after the criminal was caught Able Hasnat said he is still in fear that his store might fall victim to more crime. Hasnat owns The General Store on Brook Avenue in Wichita Falls.

Christopher Allen Rodriguez was arrested by police Monday after robbing the store. While being questioned by authorities, Rodriguez admitted to robbing the store Monday and two other times; on both July 9th and September 26th.

Hasnat took me to a back office room where he keeps the video records from his security cameras. He showed me the video of what is believed to be Rodriguez crossing the counter and demanding the register money from Hasnats wife. After seeing it for a second time Hasnat said it still scares him.

"It happens maybe one time, two times, maybe three times, I mean it's really really scary what could be happening next, you know what I mean, we don't know," said Hasnat.

Prior to the robbery on July 9th Hasnat said The General Store he has never been robbed or been a victim to crime.

 Jack Carney, Newschannel6