Fresh Food Giveaway

Fresh Food Giveaway

One in every six people in the United States does not have access to enough food that will help sustain a healthy lifestyle. That is why United Way and the Wichita Falls Food Bank have teamed up to hand out food to people in areas that they call food deserts. Places where the majority of people make low income and have little access to transportation that helps them reach a supermarket.

Just off Maurine Street in north Wichita Falls Wes Shepherd and other volunteers hand out plastic bags filled with fresh produces and vegetables. The groups are focused on helping better communities through nutrition and healthy lifestyle. They serve 11 counties in the Texoma region, stopping at a different location each day.

"All we ask for is that they bring um they come out here and they give us some information about their house they sign their name and tell us how many people are in their household," said Shepherd.

They ask for information like name, age, race, location and family information before handing out the food. That data are then taken back into a group called Feeding America. They use the information to show the diversity of those seeking the free food in the area so they can better help the community.

Shepherd has a handful of volunteers that help the cause.

Volunteers like Danny Castro, who sometimes drive food out to those who lack transportation.

"I pick up the food for home delivery. The People that can't come I delivery to. I have five families that I'll deliver to after we wrap up here. This is my home church so I come here every time the food bank is here," said Castro.

Though the giveaway takes place at the Solid Rock House of God located at 2201 Maurine Street. Reverend David Sapata said that religion is not part of the process to receive food nor does it affect how much food you are given.

"Everybody welcome who needs a helping hand, you know that's what it's about extending a helping hand whenever we can," said Sapata.

Shepherd estimates that there were about one hundred families fed through the program today.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6