Hirschi High School Will Soon Get An Elevator

After 52 years, Hirschi High School will soon get an elevator to transfer students from floor to floor.

Hirschi High School is the home of the Huskies, but this home has been missing an elevator for quite some time.

“Currently we have two different chair lifts and they serve one student at a time.  They're functional, but they're not very efficient," said Hirschi High School Principal, Christy Nash.

The Wichita Falls Independent School Board approved for an ADA compliant elevator to be built at Hirschi right outside of the front office.

The new elevator will accommodate more students, more efficiently at more than one time.

“We're very excited about the elevator," said Nash.

Of course, the elevator at Hirschi will serve a very important purpose.

“The elevator will allow students to get to the second floor.  We have students who have physical disabilities, we have students who become injured due to sports, due to maybe a car accident other things that are more limited in time and the elevator will allow us to get them to the second floor to their  instructional areas," said Nash

However, only certain students will be able to use the elevator.

“Our students with a physical disability will obviously they will be allowed immediate access to the elevator.  Our students who have injuries they will check in with us and we allow them a pass that basically says yes, you can use the elevator for that period of time,” said Nash.

W.F.I.S.D. school board members as well as architects have already surveyed the Hirschi High School building for the school's new addition.

The long awaited elevator will be put in place before the school bell rings, next school year.

Hirschi High School is the last high school in W.F.I.S.D to get an elevator.  The district is actually under budget, spending a little over $300,000 for the entire elevator installation process.

, Newschannel 6