Jeremy Thornburg Pleads Not Guilty In Murder Trial

Jeremy Thornburg Pleads Not Guilty In Murder Trial

The trial is underway for Jeremy Thornburg, he is accused in the disappearance and murder of Candice Shields. On Tuesday, Thornburg pled not guilty to the murder of Candice Shields. Shields disappeared from her grandparent's home in Graham on December, 11 2011.

The morning of December 11, 2011 Shields grandfather testified that he entered Shields bedroom and found she was missing, however, her cell phone, purse, and makeup were still there. At the time, Shields was 20-years-old, the mother of one, with another child on the way. Shields body has not been found since her disappearance.

Before her disappearance Shields and Thornburg once lived together, and became involved in a romantic relationship, according to witness testimonies. Their relationship did not last long before those close to Sheilds said she became pregnant with Thornburg's baby.

Thornburg, shortly after, moved from Graham to Sweetwater, Texas. That's where he met another woman.

Later, that would be the woman that would turn him in to the Sweetwater Police Department. His ex-girlfriend, and mother of his child, turned Thornburg in to police after he allegedly assaulted her.

After going to the police station, she told police about Shields and about a gun in Thornburg's possession. She alleges that it is the same gun he told her he used on Shields.

The Sweetwater Police Department took the gun into custody where it was later tested for DNA. That's when it was discovered that Shields DNA was on the gun, according to prosecutors.

In her testimony his ex-girlfriend said Thornburg told her he shot Shields multiple times before pouring bleach on her body.

Thornburg's brother also testified against him Tuesday. He told the jury that his brother, Jeremy Thornburg, told him in a private conversation that he shot Shields multiple times before pouring bleach on her body.

Seven witnesses took the stand Tuesday. Those individuals were: Shields grandfather, ex-boyfriend, best friend, the Defendant's sister-in-law, the Defendant's ex-girlfriend, the Defendant's brother, and A Sweetwater Police Officer. There are still more  roughly ten more witnesses to testify.

However, at the end of the first day Defense Attorney's are making a motion for a mistrial. Those attorney's said a statement read from one witness that took that stand, was declared as evidence. That evidence was not presented to the defense before the start of the trial.

The Young County Judge dismissed the court with the intent to review the information the Defense said was not provided to them. The judge will decide whether or not to accept or deny the motion by 8:45 a.m. October 14, 2014.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6